Mina Game Portrait Hypnotized
Mina hypnotized
Hair ColorPink
Hair StyleLong (Imitation of Fawn's)
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationHigh School Girl
Magical Girl
RelativesSabrina (potential daughter)
Narumi (younger cousin)

Real World




Three’s A Crowd Just Waiting To Be Hypnotized…

First Hypnotized AppearanceThree’s A Crowd Just Waiting To Be Hypnotized…

Magic girl. Mina is a student at the local high school. The beautiful young 16 year old encountered Jake shortly after he enrolled, where she introduced him to her odd problems. Mina can use magic, however every time she tries to cast a spell something different from the intended affect happens. She can also be embarrased easier than most. Mina has blue eyes and long pink hair.  Best friends with Diana.


Spell casting - As a student magical girl Mina is capable of casting a variety of spells. Although when not entranced these can be rather hit or miss leading to her casting very different spells then she intended. When hypnotized Mina has been able to cast spells without the tendancy to cause the wrong effect leading to speculation by Jake that she has focusing issues when awake.

Hypnotic vulnerablity - As an individual capable of using magic Mina potentially has a resistance to being hypnotized. Since Mina has yet to complete her trainning however, Mina is actually more vulnerable to being entranced than a normal individual.