Lydia And Dusk
Lydia entranced by Dusk.
Hair ColorPurple
Hair StyleShort
Eye ColorPurple

Real World




Darkest Before The Dawn

First Hypnotized AppearanceDarkest Before The Dawn

Lydia is a close friend of Dusk and an idol of Dawn's. She is also a magic user.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Lydia's life before her debut, though she is known to be a friend of Dusk's and Dawn looks up to her.

Darkest Before The DawnEdit

Some time before the story, Lydia is captured by Dusk on her father's orders. She has a mind-controlling collar placed around her neck and is forced to join the Harpy Squad, consisting of herself, Dusk, Passion and Twilight. When Lilith brings a group from the Mato House to save Dusk, Lydia has a magical duel with Lilly. She uses Lucia as a human shield before injuring Lilly with a powerful punch to the gut. Lucia recovers and throws Lydia into Passion, who was having a duel with Sarah, leading to the two succubi switching opponents.

Lilly counters all of Lydia's spells, angering her to the point the collar has trouble keeping her emotions in check. Sarah and Lilly taunt Lydia until the collar cannot control her emotions and she uses up her energy. The two then fire a magically-charged stunbolt, knocking Lydia unconscious.

She is later freed, along with the other harpies, but Lilly and helps in the battle against Lucien by casting the spell to banish him, along with Lilly and Jen. With everything resolved, Lydia stays at the Mato house for a week until their celebration party, before leaving with the other guests.

She is later seen working at Dusk's new coffee shop.


Lydia has a gothic look with short, dark purple hair and purple eyes. Her wings and tail are also purple. She tends to wear purple or black clothing, along with a spiked choker.


Lydia's only known trait is her anger. Even with a mind-controlling collar around her neck, her anger is able to get the better of her, allowing Sarah and Lilly to defeat her.


  • Dusk - Lydia and Dusk are old friends, the main reason for her capture and brainwashing, as well as her later employment at Dusk's cafe.
  • Dawn - Dawn is said to have always thought Lydia was cool.